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I decided to contribute to The Internet of Cats. The model is a usual grey kitten found playing around next to the road in the village I grew up.

In a bar

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She is such an awesome photo-subject! And loves the camera :-)


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I shot them while waiting for the train. It was around -15 C, and with my thick gloves its not possible to push the small buttons on my camera, so I had to have 1 hand gloveless. Freeezing cold! I had to restart my right hand after getting on the train, but worth it :-)

Tricky mirror

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In the middle of nowhere in my tiny home-village they renovated an old warehouse and turned it to a 3 floor contemporary art exhibition. It was jaw dropping to see it first. I visited it with my family, and found – among many other interesting stuff – this mirror. It`s me in the front posing in black, my brother left side in white, the pink is my cute little niece, and my mum and my other niece is sitting in the right.


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Norway was my best travel ever. I met loads of awesome people on the way, and the country is just scenic. You look wherever and find breathtaking view usually including mountains and lakes, and some places fjords, like this. This point is very popular (actually it was crowded, what is not something you would expect from a place what is 2 hours hiking from the closest roads).

Self portrait

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I was in Bergen, Norway, in Stenersen Art Museum. I like all forms and styles of art of all ages, but 20th century art and contemporary art are especially close to my heart. I find contemporary art intellectually challenging and really inspiring. I was walking among the installations of the Norwegian artist Per Inge Bjørlo when I realised how cool are the shadows on the wall of one of the artworks. The lights are coming from 3 different points, resulting 3 shadows of everything if you stand in a certain place. I was playing half hour taking shots about me reflecting on the wall. Only afterwork on the pic a bit of extra contrast and bit of changing the colour.


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Interesting things usually happen after 11am. Except this. It was dec 24 morning. I was staying at my friend’s hostel-like something, sitting in the hall, drinking my morning coffee, when this man sit down in front of me. You know that touchy feeling what you feel when a complete stranger tells you his life-story in one hour. It’s him, the teacher, the florist, father of an artist son. Maybe I see them again one day.


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